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Brain Teaser: What sitting U.S President said this to a future U.S President, “ My little man, I am making a strange wish for you. It is that you may never be President of the United States”?



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Grand Prize:   Each weekly winner qualifies  for the Grand Prize  drawing  for a two – night stay in a premiere room at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, valet  parking included along with dinner at Lemaire. You must be at least 21 years old to win.
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Past Questions and Winners

Date Answer Winner
2/20/18 Japan Barbara Paquette Quinton Va
2/13/18 Nat King Cole Taylor Mobley Suffolk Va
2/6/18 Gale Gilbert Anthony Wilkins Richmond Va
1/29/18 John Williams Anita Shaia Richmond Va
1/22/18 Dan Aykroyd Betsy Shinn Virginia Beach Va
1/15/18 Aaron Burr Frederick Taylor Chase City Va
1/9/18 13 Roberta McMillen Sandston Va
10/5/16 Voodoo Sandra Poe Dillwyn Va
10/12/16 James Stockdale Martha Bates Midlothian Va
10/19/16 Mark Lenard Mary Katherine Fisher Cartersville Va
10/25/16 Andrew Jackson Cynthia Parker Hayes Va
10/31/16 Fran Tarkenton Reese Manning Glen Allen Va
11/4/16 Benjamin Harrison Clarice Jordan Charles City Va
11/16/16 Anglo -Zanzibar War Kathleen Dailey St. John of North Chesterfield Va
11/23/16 Arizona Sara Morrison Amelia Va
12/1/16 Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions Anthony Brewer Richmond Va
12/8/16 Hatteras Jane Brewer Midlothian Va
12/15/16 Adonis Kiera Lucia Isabelle Dulog Glen Allen Va
12/21/16 Richard Nixon Sarah Pontynen Ashland Va
12/28/16 Carmelo Anthony Melody Daniel Ark Va
1/4/17 Battle of Borodino Paul McDonald Midlothian Va
1/11/17 Barack Obama Debra Hendershott Midlothian Va
1/18/17 8 Anita Shaia Richmond Va
1/25/17 Chuck Barris Mary Mctiernan North Chesterfield Va
2/2/17 the Log Jennifer Ferguson Henrico Va
2/9/17 Peter Francisco Noreen Brown Richmond Va
2/15/17 Mt Chimborazo Samuel Ross Richmond Va
2/22/17 James Madison Linda Skorackyj Glen Allen Va
2/29/17 Elliot Easton Lorraine Harris Chester Va
3/5/17 Sewing Machine Ken Morrison Hampton Va
3/13/17 Lucky Charms Noelle Franklin Glen Allen Va
3/27/17 Ethiopia and Liberia Nancy Sanders White Stone Va
4/2/17 Brent Musburger Jason Fiske North Chesterfield Va
4/7/17 Kenny Loggins Hilton McDaniel Chesterfield Va
4/15/17 Cobb Island Dustin Conner Richmond Va
4/22/17 Crimora Monica Cotman Henrico Va
4/29/17 Huang He Tom Brown Richmond Va
5/7/17 David Gilmour Nancy Phaup Farmville Va
5/14/17 Benjamin Harrison Joan Cronin N Chesterfield Va
5/21/17 Hawaii Patricia Goode Richmond Va
5/28/17 Mantis Shrimp Meredith McDonald Midlothian Va